ABBA Dancing Queen - A Night To Remember at The Rose Club

Dancing Queen is a spectacular tribute to ABBA and a leading UK LIVE show, they are performing at the Rose Club on Friday the 14th of July 2017. All the classic songs you love to hear are played including Mamma Mia, Waterloo and VoulezVous to SOS, The Winner Takes it All, ...

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Live Soul & Motown night at the Rose Club on Saturday the 27th of May 2017. Doors open at 7:30pm. Tickets £10 each Tickets from or contact Colin on 07961 940976    

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Strictly Social Dance with Link 40+ Events

Strictly Social Dance with Link 40+ Events at The Rose Club Members £6.50. Guests £7.50

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Rehearsal in Tyldesley

Tyldesley Brass Band in Concert at Formby Hall:- 10th of November 2013

Tyldesley Brass Band will be performing at Formby Hall on Sunday the 10th of November. The Band will have an opportunity to demonstrate its musical prowess when it will perform its…


Seasons Brass Finale

Fully integrated into the local community, Tyldesley Brass Band participated in Atherton Bag Lane Methodist Walking Day on Sunday afternoon, June 16th before performing the last concert of the Brass…


Balmy Brass in Flaming June

The Band is assembled and begins a two hour intensive rehearsal in preparation for their Sunday evening concert at Formby Hall, Atherton on June 16th. This will be the final…


It’s Official – Santa plays Euphonium!

A bearded euphonium playing Santa alias Michael Jackson was all part of Tyldesley Bands Festive Concert at Formby Hall on Sunday, December 16th. A packed house was left in no…


Tyldesley Brass Band under the baton of conductor Rob Taylor continued its successful run of contesting on Sunday, October 7th in the


A Musical Excursion around the World

Tyldesley Brass Band under the baton of Rob Taylor took a Formby Hall audience on a musical tour of the World to celebrate one of its most successful contesting years…


Triple Champion Band Tyldesley set for Season Finale

Tyldesley Brass Band has just had the most successful contesting year since its formation 1877 and is about to round off the year by performing a concert in Atherton

A celebratory end to 2011 for Tyldesley Band

A packed Formby Hall where festively entertained on Sunday, December 18th by Tyldesley Band bringing to an end a highly successful year for these local musicians. The Band had won…