Comic Jimmy’s long awaited comeback

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The legendary Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket will shortly take to the stage of Wigan’s Rose Club and when he does he will be joined by one of the town’s major talents.

This is because local Wigan Crooner Lee Michaels will appear as part of Jimmy’s stand-up comedy show in April.

Jimmy, who is famed for his attire, footwear and always having a special letter from his mammy, has not visited the Wigan area for several years. So he is really looking forward to visiting a town which holds many memories for him as during the heyday of clubland in the 1970’s, Jimmy was a frequent visitor to the Wigan area as he developed his career.

Lee has been singing and performing as a tribute to Robbie Williams for around eighteen years. He has appeared at many distinguished venues across the country and has just finished a four week stint over the Christmas season onboard a cruise ship with a big band which toured around the Baltic region.
Lee added, ‘It will be a real thrill to appear on the same stage with such a wonderful comedian like Jimmy Cricket. He has had a hugely successful career out of making people laugh over so many decades and he still continues to be a very funnyman.’

‘We touched base last year and explored whether we could work together in one of my local venues in Wigan. When I suggested the Rose Club, everything seemed to click into place nicely and it’s been great to be able to make this show happen featuring the both of us!’

Kim Dixon from Rose Leisure commented, ‘We at the Rose Club are delighted to be hosting such a well-known and much loved comedian as Jimmy Cricket. It is also great we have a local connection on the show with such a talented singer as Lee and this will offer a great evening of entertainment at our venue.’

Jimmy said, ‘When Lee approached me about doing a show together in his local area I thought this was a great opportunity as it is about time I returned to Wigan!’

‘I am also delighted the show is to be so affordable at a tenner per ticket. This is because I know how increasingly expensive it can be to go out anywhere, so hopefully this will appeal to anyone who wants to come along for an evening full of giggles and to get away from the tele!’