Tyldesley Brass Band in Concert at Formby Hall:- 10th of November 2013

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Tyldesley Brass Band will be performing at Formby Hall on Sunday the 10th of November. The Band will have an opportunity to demonstrate its musical prowess when it will perform its annual Remembrance Concert which starts at 7-30pm. Doors open at 7pm. Entrance is free for under sixteens

In their Milk Street headquarters in Tyldesley, conductor Rob Taylor has been busy rehearsing the Band for the contest after a flurry of player changes. As is usual at this time of the year, a number of new music undergraduates from the University of Salford, hankering for experience, join the Band bringing with them a whole range of musical skills. Rob is carefully waving his baton to create a seamless integration with his core ensemble to maintain its tradition of playing quality music.