Balmy Brass in Flaming June

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The Band is assembled and begins a two hour intensive rehearsal in preparation for their Sunday evening concert at Formby Hall, Atherton on June 16th. This will be the final Formby Hall concert of the season before resuming again in September.

It’s hard to imagine how these enthusiastic musicians can give so much after a working day. They have varied backgrounds ranging from school pupils or students to builders, teachers, shop assistants, etcetera, the list is ever ending but tonight they are musicians and proud of it.

They communicate in a music language composed of bars, beats, tempos, forte’s, mega forte’s and the odd pianissimo but it’s a language they all understand to varying degrees. What they have to play is not just on the score on the music stand but is carefully steered by an ever mindful conductor who seems to possess an incredible ear that can detect a wrong note or melody from any of the 28 players simultaneously.

The conductor cajoles, advises, praises and strives for perfection from the whole Band and in the process gives focus to each section as well as the principal players.

The rehearsal goes over the various numbers to be included in the concert programme and the concentration and sheer effort by all concerned is truly impressive. They know that Formby Hall beckons and they want to be in good form and make a good musical impression on its audience. Why not come and listen to them.

Local Tyldesley Band as been around since 1877 and its forebears would be proud of today’s players maintaining a great musical tradition.

Doors open at 7-00pm. Concert starts at 7-30pm.

Pay at the door.

Tony Smith

June 4th, 2013